Qualified and highly-motivated employees are one of the most important  resources for every company. Their productivity, creativity and motivation are necessary qualities to achieve ambitious goals and development of the company’s future.
We foresee the market growth trend of previous years continuing into the future. Consequently, we are permanently looking for employees with dedication and self-motivation, showing a willingness to expand their knowledge and embrace the challenges related to the market and client requirements.


If this matches your skills and interests, please send your application to the contact person for each location:


Ms. Marion Wiesinger
E-mail: marion.wiesinger[at]greiner-aerospace.com

Czech Republic

Ms. Alena Jandova
E-Mail: alena.jandova[at]greiner-aerospace.com


Ms. Alicia Bacon
E-mail: alicia.bacon[at]greiner-aerospace.com


Ms. Vivian Shen
E-mail: vivian.shen[at]greiner-aerospace.com

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ms. Marija Tomic
E-mail: marija.tomic[at]greiner-aerospace.com