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PURtec to Aerospace


Greiner PURtec to Greiner Aerospace

Reflecting the division’s new focus on the airline industry, Greiner PURtec aircraft cushions and upholstery has been renamed Greiner Aerospace. The company also has a new logo which will be formally unveiled at the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg in April. The new logo maintains the division’s ties to the other Greiner companies, with the Greiner name set in the traditional style, but the addition of the sleek, italic “aerospace” and planet-like orbiting spheres capture the division’s forward-looking cutting edge and its focus on the potential of the skies.

We are very excited about our new name and logo, which perfectly capture our focus on the airlines as well as our focus on quality and innovation. The sky is the limit.

For legal purposes, the registered company will formally remain Greiner PURtec for the time being, but Greiner Aerospace will be the public face of the company.