Greiner acquires Eurofoam

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<p>Greiner acquires the Eurofoam Group completely from Belgian Recticel S.A. An important step for Greiner aerospace to ensure highest quality and innovative foam products in the long term.</p>

Eurofoam is looking to Austria as a technology and research location. From sustainable foam to weight-reducing materials for the aircraft industry, the focus of innovative developments lies squarely on the constantly increasing demands placed on product characteristics. Eurofoam, for example, supplies Greiner aerospace with all foams for the production of aircraft seat cushions and covers and is also the most important development partner in this segment. Every year, joint research teams develop, test and launch new innovations and improvements to existing special foams, such as reduced-weight, fire-resistant foams for the aircraft industry. The advantages for the customer are that the seats remain very comfortable but are considerably slimmer and lighter in weight.

Joint research activities also focus on the use of alternative raw materials, intelligent recycling and improved durability. Eurofoam has already succeeded in producing high-quality foams with a 25% share of renewable raw materials. Eurofoam's emc® brand is particularly important for Greiner aerospace's comfort products, since these foams significantly enhance the ergonomics of seating comfort. The foams are especially soft and supple, provide greater support and are also extremely durable. Eurofoam's extensive expertise in the production of foam materials will ensure the maintenance of a continuous supply of consistently high quality. A recipe for success from Eurofoam that will also benefit the customers of Greiner aerospace.

Read more about Greiner's acquisition of Eurofoam in the following press release.

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