Greiner AG

The Greiner AG is 100 % family-owned group of leading companies in the foam and plastic industry. The Greiner group is consisting of five different divisions offering a wide and diversified range of plastics and foam products, each working in its own field. The Greiner Group has 138 business locations in 31 countries. The five divisions are; Greiner Foam International, to which Greiner aerospace is belonging, Greiner packaging, Greiner Bio-one, Greiner tool tec and Greiner Perfoam.

Greiner Foam International

The division Greiner Foam International (GFI) is consisting from, other than Greiner aerospace, Eurofoam, Greiner Multifoam, Gukotech, Unifoam and Greiner Purtec. Eurofoam has its core competencies in the production and processing of polyurethane flexible foams. Greiner Multifoam is a specialist when it comes to recycling and reusing materials for new products, used in area such as construction, automotive, leisure & sports and acoustics. GuKoTech is producing high quality cork, rubber/cork and rubber products for areas such as noise protection and room acoustics. Unifoam is of one South Africa’s largest producer of polyurethane flexible foam and is part of Greiner Foam International GmbH since November 1st 2012. Greiner PURtec is specialized in the production of insulations for warm water tanks.