Greiner Academy


The Greiner Academy is an interdisciplinary facility aimed at preparing (young) managers for meeting new challenges.An important element in this is promoting creativity and innovation.
In addition to numerous topic-specific modules there are two main focus programs at the heart of the training and education provision of Greiner Academy: These are the Basic Business Program and the General Management Program.  

Junior Trainee Program

Greiner provides graduates with the opportunity to gather extensive experience in a number of corporate divisions during an 18 month period in the scope of an own trainee program – Greiner Expert & Management Succession (GEMs). The global alignment of the Group means the trainees are deployed in several international locations. Each trainee also receives a personal and individually tailored training program to assure an optimal further development within the Group.

Greiner Industrial Trainings

The Greiner Industrial Training (git) program offers technical training to Greiner employees as well as client-specific training for customers. The capacities of the 2003 enlarged GIT-training center in Kremsmuenster have been modernized with professional equipment. GIT also offers apprentice programs to young people from our local regions who are interested in technology and training opportunities which anticipate future developments. The first year of the apprentice program is spent at git in Kremsmünster and the rest of the time at one of the Greiner companies, depending on the profession.