NEVEON: Greiner concentrates its foam production strengths

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Kremsmünster, 1 February 2021. Pooling is currently the watchword with regard to Greiner’s foam production capacity. For if until now this consisted of the six individual business areas formed by Eurofoam, aerospace, Multifoam, Perfoam, PURTEC and Unifoam, which respectively supplied differing product areas, in future the intention is to generate a strong market impact through a shared corporate image. With NEVEON a full-liner has been created, which is oriented towards the lifestyles of end customers, uses important synergies and focuses on sustainability.

During recent months, the operational organization of the Greiner Foam Division to date has been restructured into the three “Living & Care”, “Mobility” and “Specialties” business areas. Oliver Bruns, the NEVEON CEO, has thus put the foam group on a new footing. “This fundamental change means that NEVEON can now offer everything relating to foam production, from solution development to implementation, and hence virtually any item that can be manufactured using this material. This represents both a significant USP and a considerable competitive advantage.”

Axel Kühner, the Greiner AG, agrees, “The move towards a leading global integrated foam group is both wise and important for the retention of market competitiveness. In the coming years NEVEON will serve as a strong partner for foam and as a full-liner will possess a clear edge in the market.”

Over time the foam market has been subject to extensive consolidation. Moreover, foam business is highly dependent upon raw material prices. In such an environment the benefits of scale play a major role and create numerous advantages. For example, the sizeable purchasing volume of a big organization makes raw materials considerably less expensive than is the case with numerous small firms.

In addition, the larger the company, the more synergies are available for improving customer satisfaction. Resources for innovation consolidation can be combined and both structures and business models are scalable. Consequently, in future NEVEON will furnish the Greiner Foam Division with everything that it needs to achieve global relevance and market dominance.

The Division’s orientation and size will also be mirrored clearly by its corporate image and the differing identities and cultures of the Greiner Foam companies will thus be transferred to a new and powerful, shared brand.
Furthermore, NEVEON’s statistics indicate clearly the size and significance of this step for the market, as the company has over 3,700 employees at 62 locations in 17 countries.

NEVEON is a leading global integrated foam group that offers outstanding polyurethane flexible and composite foams for a huge range of applications, from the comfort segment through the transportation sector to a limitless variety of specialty applications. As part of Greiner, NEVEON combines the expertise of Eurofoam, aerospace, MULTIfoam, Perfoam, PURTEC and Unifoam in one single organization. With a network of 62 locations in 17 countries, NEVEON guarantees customer proximity, the quickest possible delivery times and highest levels of quality.

About Greiner
Greiner is headquartered in Kremsmünster, Austria, and has four operating divisions comprised by Greiner Packaging, Greiner Bio-One, Greiner Extrusion and NEVEON (formally Greiner Foam). Greiner is one of the leading producers of foam and processors of plastics for the packaging, furniture, sport, automotive, medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors. It also numbers among the top manufacturers of extrusion lines, tools and complete profile extrusion plants. In the 2019 financial year, Greiner achieved sales revenues of EUR 1.675 billion and employed a workforce of roughly 10,700 at 140 locations in 34 countries. The Greiner CEO is Axel Kühner and its CFO is Hannes Moser.