The current situation is increasing general hygiene awareness among airlines and passengers. Our innovative product line Greiner Germ Sentinel offers you concrete solutions for antibacterial cushions and covers.


Foam top layer for the highest level of hygiene and increased passengers’ wellbeing.


No degeneration as bacteria and germs are not provided with a breeding ground.


The additives act with maximum efficiency: destruction of 99.97 percent of all bacteria and germs after 24 hours.


Free of unpleasant odours and stains caused by microbes.

Health-oriented innovation
that counts.

This is precisely where the innovative concept of the product line Greiner Germ Sentinel comes in. It was developed jointly with our sister company EUROFOAM and external partners. Thanks to antibacterial additives, it provides passengers with increased protection against bacteria and germs.

Greiner aerospace offers various materials with an antibacterial effect which can ideally be used for all soft goods on the aircraft seat:

Germ Sentinel Foam

Germ Sentinel Fireblocker

Germ Sentinel Fabrics

Natural leather

Good news for soft goods

Germ Sentinel Foam can be used in all aircraft seat classes, mainly as a foam top layer in seat cushions and backrests. The particularly open-pored cell structure which ensures high permeability to air is a further advantage. This prevents the accumulation of heat and moisture, resulting in a particularly good microclimate in the aircraft seat which increases the passengers’ wellbeing. The antibacterial additives can also be used for fireblockers or textiles for covers.

Without Protection

Degeneration of the foam due to bacteria and germs

With Germ Sentinel

Hygiene for soft goods thanks to Germ Sentinel

Hygiene redefined
by Greiner Germ Sentinel

Air traffic plays a direct role in the global spread of diseases. State-of-the-art filter systems in aircraft considerably reduce the risk of airborne microbes spreading. Air filters make a significant contribution to cleaner air and a hygienic atmosphere. Nevertheless, aircraft seats and other surfaces may still pose problems. In particular, this is because conventional foams in soft goods provide a good breeding ground for the growth of bacteria and germs. At the same time, biochemical processes also cause unpleasant odours and degeneration of the foam materials.

Greiner Germ Sentinel describes a new generation of products in the aviation sector. Antibacterial additives which deprive the bacteria of the living environment they require are incorporated into the material during foam production. The germicide rate after six hours is 99.97 percent. This redefines hygiene at the aircraft seat!