aeras seat project

The aeras seat project is collaboration between Greiner aerospace, Kobleder and ludekedesign. It encompasses the design, development, and construction of a new aircraft seat which sets new standards in comfort, weight, design and costs by using an innovative and novel material. Utilizing state-of-the-art knit technology, aeras knit consists of customizable comfort zones which work together to adapt to the passenger‘s body, supporting it in various postures.

This also allows for more “active” sitting, which reduces the risk of blood congestion during long flights. The open knit construction also provides an optimal micro-climate reducing heat and moisture build-up and transfer. We conducted extensive research into issues of seat comfort and the ergonomics of sitting which support the promising benefits of this revolutionary new way of sitting. An additional benefit of the aeras knit technology is the substantial weight savings it provides in comparison to conventional foam and dress cover solutions. This concept was awarded first runner-up in the Crystal Cabin Awards 2009 and the special award for Radical Innovation in the Upper Austrian Innovation Award of 2012.