We are available around the clock at 7 locations on 3 continents, offering you a one-stop shop and comprehensive service. Not only will your customers experience maximum comfort, you will too!

Working together for your comfort.

To create maximum seating comfort, the Greiner engineering team works with you to develop custom-designed foam compositions for all aircraft classes. As our customer, you are directly involved in the prototyping workshop and enjoy many advantages:

  • You can test the seating comfort of your cushion straight away on the prototype.
  • We respond quickly to your requirements and develop further versions.
  • Working with designers and ergonomists, we adjust the cushion's ergonomic construction to ensure optimum seating on your seat structure.
  • Our experts often find alternative solutions to the original design.

We put together
what belongs together.

We simplify your business processes with our lean service Assembling! We take over the assembly of seat cushions and covers enabling you to save a step in your value chain.

We are your only point of contact!
Now you only need to work with one supplier for three components which will significantly reduce purchasing and logistic costs.

We guarantee optimum fit and perfect appearance thanks to our own quality control department. You benefit from the simplification of quality assurance at goods receipt.

Joint delivery of seat cushions and covers considerably cuts transport costs. There‚Äôs no need to monitor individual lead times and warehousing.

You can install the parts immediately after removing the packaging. You can completely cut out a whole work step, making completion even more efficient.

Fast Track Service

Your parts available even more quickly

Every day you work on countless larger and smaller customer projects. Despite detailed project planning, you may unexpectedly face the challenge of being unable to meet commitments. This impairs productivity and puts the customer relationship to the test.

For special challenges, Greiner aerospace provides a premium service with an especially short delivery time, in short Fast Track. Your advantages:

  • Short processing time of five to ten days from order placement
  • Fast response time to your customer inquiries
  • Minimization of risk regarding penalties due to delayed delivery
  • Ability to meet customer expectations with short delivery times

We offer the "Fast Track" premium service on all existing and released series parts.

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