4 lightweight foams with different hardness for a long lifetime and high dimensional stability


Excellent seating comfort and maximum safety thanks to flame-retardant properties


CO2 reduction due to 10% weight saving compared to conventional aircraft seat foams


Can be used for all foam parts of the seat as well as for different layers of the aircraft cushion

Great savings
on details

To achieve a reduction in weight, we need to take a critical look at the materials used in the cabin. Greiner aerospace identified the trend towards weight reduction in aircraft cabins years ago. Now, in joint research with EUROFOAM, there has been a breakthrough.

The Greiner lightweight foams are 10 percent lower in weight than standard foams.

They offer passengers the usual excellent seating comfort and maximum safety thanks to their flame-retardant properties. What’s more, despite its lower weight, the lifetime of the material also remains the same.

Ecodesign & Innovation
from Greiner Foam

Greiner's interdisciplinary research teams are constantly working on the development of new sustainable products with a dramatically reduced environmental impact.

In the aircraft industry where foam products are used, weight is a decisive factor for energy efficiency and therefore for the environmental footprint. Here, research focuses on innovative solutions which help customers to manufacture sustainable and energy efficient products. 

These products contribute to more efficient finished products due to innovative product examples that show Greiner Foam's commitment to renewable and recycled materials. We are convinced that consistent ecodesign is a key factor for sustainable products. Ecodesign provides a holistic assessment of the impact that products and their use have on the environment. It considers a wide range of aspects over a product's entire life cycle, including production, transport, use and disposal, to make flying more sustainable in the future.

Blue Plan
For a better tomorrow

Greiner will further intensify its activities for shaping a sustainable future. All Greiner companies worldwide will support the Blue Plan strategy.

With our Blue Plan sustainability strategy, we want to inspire others, create added value for our customers and make a positive contribution to the environment and society.

All Blue Plan considerations focus on the issues surrounding climate protection, the circular economy and people.

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